Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



It is primarily for endocrinologists and internists who seek tailored information that they can adopt in their research and practice. However, the journal’s readership can be expanded to other positions: researchers who have access to recent clinical medicine of obesity, obesity-related diseases research topics, and detailed research methods; clinicians in the field who have access to new information and recent obesity care developments for their patients; medical teachers who have access to and can adopt various medical education data; allied health professionals, including nurses, who have access to recent information concerning the care of obesity and obesity-related metabolic disorders; medical health students who can learn about the recent trends in the field and read about interesting cases; policymakers who can to reflect on the article results and apply them in nationwide healthcare policies for obesity and obesity-related metabolic disorders; and the public who will read about the advancements in obesity and obesity-related metabolic diseases, increasing their knowledge and inspiring confidence in the endocrinologists and internists’ devotion to obesity.


June, 2022
Vol.31 No.2

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