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Review Article 2010-09-01

Psychiatric Approach in the Treatment of Obesity

Won Sub Kang, Jong Woo Kim
Korean J Obes 2010; 19(3): 71-77
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Original Article 2010-09-01

The Association between Visceral Fat and Endotoxin

Ju Hye Chung, Min Kyoung Kang, Jun Seung Rho, Keun Sang Yum
Korean J Obes 2010; 19(3): 78-84
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Original Article 2010-09-01

Effect of Ubiquitous Shoes on Weight Management for Elementary Students

Ok Kyeong Yu, Chung Soo Yoon, Tae Sun Park, Yang Keun Rhee, Youn Soo Cha
Korean J Obes 2010; 19(3): 85-94
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Original Article 2010-09-01

Body Composition in Girls with Precocious Puberty

Jung-Rim Yoon, Jung Hee Ahn, Kyoung Huh, Mi Jung Park
Korean J Obes 2010; 19(3): 95-100
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Original Article 2010-09-01

The Comparison of Efficacy of Obesity Indices for Screening Metabolic Risk Factors Among Adults In Jeju Island

Seung Guk Park, Yong Woon Lee, Mi Hee Kong, Hyun Joo Kim
Korean J Obes 2010; 19(3): 101-106
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Case Report 2010-09-01

Four Cases of Cushing’s Syndrome Mistaken for Simple Obesity in Young Women

Eun Yeong Kim, Kyu Seong Lim, Yun Jung Lee, Moon Chan Choi, Suk Chon, Seung Joon Oh,Jeong-Taek Woo, Sung-Woon Kim, Jin-Woo Kim, Young Seol Kim
Korean J Obes 2010; 19(3): 107-112
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