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Review Article 2014-06-30

Countering the Effects of Chronic Inflammation in Obesity

Nikhil V. Dhurandhar
Korean J Obes 2014; 23(2): 73-78
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Review Article 2014-06-30

Peripheral Neuropathy in Metabolic Syndrome

Junghyun Noh
Korean J Obes 2014; 23(2): 79-82
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Review Article 2014-06-30

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Editorial 2014-06-30

Sarcopenia in Korean Elderly Men

Kayoung Lee
Korean J Obes 2014; 23(2): 91-92
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Original Article 2014-06-30

Relationship between Body Fat Percent and Obesity Indices in Short Stature Women

Ji-Hoon Myung, Young-Ah Han, Kyung-Bin Min, Jun-Young Kwon, Yong-Kyun Roh, Min-Kyu Choi
Korean J Obes 2014; 23(2): 93-98
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Original Article 2014-06-30

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Original Article 2014-06-30

Effects of Weight Management Program for Middle Aged Women with Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors

Si Hwa Kim, Ok Kyeong Yu, Moon Sun Byun, Youn Soo Cha, Tae Sun Park
Korean J Obes 2014; 23(2): 106-115
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Original Article 2014-06-30

Association between Depression and Physical Fitness, Body Fatness and Serum Vitamin D in Elderly Population

In-Hwan Lee, Young-Yun Jin, Jin-Kyung Cho, Jin-Hwan Yoon, Hyun-Sik Kang
Korean J Obes 2014; 23(2): 125-130
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Case Report 2014-06-30

Pylephlebitis and Multiple Liver Abscesses Caused by Band Erosion Following Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

Seon Ah Cha, Kyung Hoon Kim, Jong-Min Lee, Hyun Seon Kim, Ji Hye Kim, Sung-Kyun Park, Seok-Chan Kim
Korean J Obes 2014; 23(2): 131-135
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Response 2014-06-30

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