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Review 2018-12-30

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Review 2018-12-30

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Review 2018-12-30

Vitamin D and Metabolic Diseases: Growing Roles of Vitamin D

Jung Eun Park, P.B. Tirupathi Pichiah, and Youn-Soo Cha
J Obes Metab Syndr 2018; 27(4): 223-232
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Original Article 2018-12-30

A Study of Fecal Calprotectin in Obese Children and Adults

Shin Young Park, and Woo Jin Kim
J Obes Metab Syndr 2018; 27(4): 233-237
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Original Article 2018-12-30

Treatment Costs and Factors Associated with Glycemic Control among Patients with Diabetes in the United Arab Emirates

Seung-Mi Lee, Inmyung Song, David Suh, Chongwon Chang, and Dong-Churl Suh
J Obes Metab Syndr 2018; 27(4): 238-247
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Original Article 2018-12-30

Duodenal-Jejunal Bypass Surgery Stimulates the Expressions of Hepatic Sirtuin1 and 3 and Hypothalamic Sirtuin1

Eunyoung Ha, Jong Yeon Kang, Kyung Sik Park, Youn Kyoung Seo, and Tae Kyung Ha
J Obes Metab Syndr 2018; 27(4): 248-253
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Original Article 2018-12-30

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Letter to the Editor 2018-12-30

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