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Review 2015-12-30

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Review 2015-12-30

Current Methods of Human Body Composition Assessment

Jongwoo Kim, and Seon Yeong Lee
Korean J Obes 2015; 24(4): 184-189
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Review 2015-12-30

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Editorial 2015-12-30

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Original Article 2015-12-30

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Original Article 2015-12-30

Relationship between Alcohol Consumption and Obesity according to Facial Flushing in Korean Males

Won-Yoon Suh, Sung Soo Kim , Jong Sung Kim, Seok-Joon Yoon, Sir-Chae Paik, and Jun-Seok Yang
Korean J Obes 2015; 24(4): 206-211
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Original Article 2015-12-30

Negative Association between Obesity Index and Thyroid Hormones in Euthyroid Children

Sun Jung Baik, Bo Hyun Park, Hye Ah Lee, Hae Soon Kim, Young Sun Hong , and Hyesook Park
Korean J Obes 2015; 24(4): 212-218
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Case Report 2015-12-30

A Case of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Severe Insulin Resistance and Dumping Syndrome after Bariatric Surgery

Hyun Joon Kang, Hyung Oh Kim, Ha Na Choi, Soo Min Hong, Cheol Hyun Lee, Yu Jin Kim, So Young Park, Suk Chon, Seungjoon Oh, Jeong-taek Woo, Sung Woon Kim, and Sang Youl Rhee
Korean J Obes 2015; 24(4): 219-224
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