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Fig. 1. General content and flowchart of the Weight Management Health Note application. This figure offers an overview of the user’s journey through the Weight Management Health Note application, outlining key stages from registration to acquisition of personalized health information and self-care. The process begins with the user’s initial registration within the Weight Management Health Note application. After signing up, users are prompted to complete an “initial survey.“ This survey serves as the foundation for understanding the user’s lifestyle, allowing the application to establish daily routine goals based on the assessment. These lifestyle goals form the basis for “lifestyle management missions“ tailored to the user’s specific needs and circumstances. Users actively engage with the application by completing sub-missions within their chosen categories. The categories are broadly divided into five categories: “Drinking,“ which encompasses weekly amount and frequency of consumption of alcoholic beverages; “Meal,“ where users focus on recent food intake, nutritional ratio, and total calorie intake; “Weight,“ with missions related to obesity assessment, weight change, and recent weight tracking; “Sleep,“ involving missions related to sleep disorders, average sleep duration, and daily sleep duration; and “Exercise,“ in which users specify exercise types and durations, as well as monitor total calorie consumption. As users accumulate data and experience within the application, they gain access to weekly reports. These reports offer valuable insights, such as weight comparisons and record frequency, enhancing the user’s understanding of their personalized health information.
J Obes Metab Syndr 2024;33:1~10 https://doi.org/10.7570/jomes23074