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Table. 1.

General characteristics according to gender

Men (N=6,166)Women (N=9,308)
Age (year)*44.50±0.2946.24±0.28
Education level*
?≤Elementary school10.423.4
?Middle school9.410.5
?High school30.729.4
?≥ Univesity35.022.4
Household income (quartile)*
?Professional and related worker10.67.8
?Service worker8.65.2
?Farmer and fishmen7.69.5
?Technican and related worker22.948.9
Marital status
Physical activity*
Self-reported health (score)*3.29±0.013.10±0.01
Data were represented means±SEM or % about representative of the entire Korean population.

P value <0.001 for all variable;

P value=0.031.

Korean J Obes 2015;24:156~165 https://doi.org/10.7570/kjo.2015.24.3.156