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Table. 2.

Anthropometrics and health-related variables according to gender

Men (N=6,166)Women (N=9,308)
Height (cm)*170.78±0.11157.26±0.10
Weight (kg)*70.24±0.2057.56±0.15
Waist circumference (cm)*83.99±0.1777.96±0.17
BMI (kg/m2)*24.03±0.0623.29±0.06
Obesity prevalence*35.828.1
Stress level*
Alcohol frequency (time/week)*
Alcohol quantity (cup)*
AUDIT score*9.42±0.123.86±0.08
?Low risk (≤7)46.183.6
?Hazardous (8-15)32.912.4
?Harmful (16-19)10.72.2
?Alcohol dependence (≥20)10.41.9
Smoking status*
Smoking quantity*15.76±0.218.10±0.32
Eating-out (time/week)*
Dietary supplement*
Energy (kcal/day)*2,382.26±15.651,708.68±9.60
Data were represented means±SEM or % about representative of the entire Korean population.BMI, body mass index; AUDIT, alcohol use disorders identification test.

P value <0.001 for all variable;

Obesity was defined as BMI ≥25.0 by the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) Asia-Pacific region.

Korean J Obes 2015;24:156~165 https://doi.org/10.7570/kjo.2015.24.3.156