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Fig. 3.

Effect of Co-treatment with troglitazone (Tro) and testosterone (T) on the mRNA expression of PPARγ target genes involved in adipogenesis in differentiated 3T3-L1 adipoctyes. (A) Cells were treated with vehicle, 10 μmol/L troglitazone (Tro), 10 μmol/L testosterone (T) or 10 μmol/L Tro plus 10 μmol/L T. Total cellular RNA was extracted from differentiated cells on day 6. All values are expressed as mean±SD of R.D.U. (relative density units) using β-actin. (B) Representative RT-PCR photographs from an independent experiment.

*P<0.05, as compared with control group; P<0.05, as compared with Tro group.

Korean J Obes 2016;25:68~76 https://doi.org/10.7570/kjo.2016.25.2.68