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Table. 2.

Indices of left ventricular systolic and diastolic function according to category of body mass index

Normal (N=141)Overweight (N=123)Obese (N=126)P
 Male (N, %)83 (58.9)91 (74.0)109 (86.5)
 Female (N, %)58 (41.1)32 (26.0)17 (13.5)
Age (yr)45.8±9.848.8±9.146.4±8.90.027
WC (cm)75.3±6.082.7±5.190.0±7.4<0.001
SBP (mmHg)118.1±14.1122.2±14.6128.2±12.5<0.001
DBP (mmHg)71.7±9.874.1±9.777.9±9.0<0.001
LVEF (4 chamber) (%)63.6±4.564.0±4.164.1±4.20.599
LVEF (M mode) (%)65.8±5.667.3±5.266.8±4.50.055
LVMI (g/m2)111.2±20.9116.5±22.3119.3±20.20.007
LVD diastole (mm)46.9±3.747.8±3.648.7±3.9<0.001
LVD systole (mm)29.9±3.229.9±3.330.6±3.00.116
LAV (mL)39.2±12.043.3±11.447.9±13.8<0.001
LAD (mm)34.2±4.437.0±3.739.9±4.1<0.001
E′ (cm/sec)73.4±16.768.5±16.067.3±13.70.003
A′ (cm/sec)52.3±13.159.8±16.061.8±13.9<0.001
DT (msec)192.5±38.3201.3±46.2197.6±40.10.225

Values are mean ± SD or number (%). P values by ANOVA test or Chi-Square test.

WC, waist circumference; SBP, systolic blood pressure; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; LVEF, left ventriclular ejection fraction; LVMI, left ventriclular mass index; LVD diastole, left ventriclular end diastolic dimension; LVD systole, left ventriclular end systolic dimension; LAV, left atrial volume; LAD, left atrial dimension; E, early peak mitral inflow velocity; A, late peak mitral inflow velocity; E′, early diastolic mitral annulus motion velocity; A′, late diastolic mitral annulus motion velocity; DT, deceleration time

Korean J Obes 2016;25:84~91 https://doi.org/10.7570/kjo.2016.25.2.84