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Table. 1.

Satisfaction for “HAPPY ME” application after using for 4 weeks

4th grade (N=47)5th grade (N=109)6th grade (N=93)Total (N=249)
The “HAPPY ME” application
 is easy to use4.1±1.03.9±1.13.8±1.13.9±1.1
 is easy to access4.0±1.03.7±1.23.8±1.13.8±1.1
 has a quick response3.9±0.93.7±1.03.7±1.13.7±1.0
 is convenient for information search3.8±1.03.8±1.03.7±1.03.8±1.0
 is reliable4.1±0.94.1±0.94.0±1.04.0±0.9
 delivers accurate information4.2±0.94.0±0.94.0±1.04.0±0.9
 solves all my queries about nutrition and physical activity3.9±0.83.5±1.03.6±1.13.6±1.0
 responds quickly what I want3.7±1.03.5±1.03.6±1.03.6±1.0
 includes my personal interest3.9±1.03.6±1.13.6±1.03.6±1.1
 is a visually well-designed4.1±1.03.8±1.03.8±1.13.9±1.1
 offers me what information I need3.9±1.03.8±0.93.8±0.93.8±0.9
 does not provide my private information to others3.6±1.13.7±1.13.7±1.03.7±1.1
 provides information understandable for me4.0±0.93.9±0.93.9±1.13.9±1.0
 is useful to improve my dietary and exercise habits4.1±0.94.0±0.93.9±1.04.0±1.0
 is helpful to achieve my dietary and exercise goals4.1±0.93.9±0.94.0±1.14.0±1.0
 is helpful to improve the healthy dietary and exercise habits4.0±0.94.0±0.93.9±1.03.9±0.9
 is helpful to reduce time and endeavor to improve dietary and exercise habits3.9±1.03.8±1.03.8±1.03.8±1.0
 is easy to interact3.8±1.13.6±1.23.5±1.23.6±1.2
 is easy to operate4.1±0.93.9±1.04.0±1.14.0±1.0
 is easy to learn how to operate3.9±1.03.8±1.03.8±1.13.8±1.1
I will continue to use4.0±0.94.0±1.03.9±1.14.0±1.0

Data are expressed as mean±SD.

Korean J Obes 2016;25:99~104 https://doi.org/10.7570/kjo.2016.25.2.99