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Table. 3.

Variance analysis of preliminary models

 Non-standardized coefficient tP

Bstandard error
Model 1
 Gender (male)-12.0210.095-127.136<0.001
 Gender (female)----
R2=0.738 F=5770.213 P<0.001
Model 2
 Male 20-39 yr-12.4790.200 -62.328  <0.001 
 Male 40-59 yr-12.8230.200-64.231<0.001
 Male ≥60 yr-11.0270.173-63.798<0.001
 Female 20-39 yr-0.0070.186-0.0390.969
 Female 40-59 yr-0.7150.180-3.975<0.001
 Female ≥60 yr----
R2=0.742 F=3498.014 P<0.001

The preliminary model (total) was represented as Model 1, and that grouped by gender and age was represented as Model 2.

Variance analysis for the preliminary equations of Table 1 are presented.

R2 is explanatory power.

BMI, body mass index.

J Obes Metab Syndr 2017;26:122~129 https://doi.org/10.7570/jomes.2017.26.2.122