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Table. 2.

Validation of examined models

Included variablesMean of estimated percent fatMean of measured percent fatR2SEETE
Total (male and female)
 BMI, gender, age27.66327.6080.7333.9613.973
 BMI, gender, age, BMI227.6560.7383.9223.925
 BMI, gender, age, BMI2, gender×BMI27.6550.7383.9213.925
 BMI, gender, age, gender×BMI27.6620.7333.9603.972
 BMI, 1/BMI, gender, age27.6580.7383.9233.926
 BMI, 1/BMI, gender, age, 1/BMI227.6560.7383.9213.924
 1/BMI, gender, age27.6560.7373.9283.927
*1/BMI, gender, age, 1/BMI227.6570.7383.9223.925
Grouped in gender and age
1/BMI, gender and age, 1/BMI227.6920.7423.8963.892

Models were developed from the validation group.

Age was counted in full.

The preliminary model (total): (‘54.601’ for male and ‘66.622’ for female)


The preliminary model (grouped by gender and age):

Male 20-39 yr: 54.614-945.604×1/BMI + 3599.326×1/BMI2

Male 40-59 yr: 54.270-945.604×1/BMI + 3599.326×1/BMI2

Male ≥60 yr: 56.066-945.604×1/BMI + 3599.326×1/BMI2

Female 20-39 yr: 67.086-945.604×1/BMI + 3599.326×1/BMI2

Female 40-59 yr: 66.379-945.604×1/BMI + 3599.326×1/BMI2

Female ≥60 yr: 67.093-945.604×1/BMI + 3599.326×1/BMI2

R2 is explanatory power.

BMI, body mass index; SEE, standard error of estimate; TE, total error.

J Obes Metab Syndr 2017;26:122~129 https://doi.org/10.7570/jomes.2017.26.2.122