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Fig. 1. Diagrams of the degree of agreement between (A) OW1 and OW2, (B) OW1 and OW3, and (C) OW2 and OW3. There is substantial agreement in all three comparisons. Totals of 188, 139, and 115 adolescents were classified into the respective OW1, OW2, and OW3 groups. The number of overlapping adolescents is shown in the figure. (D) The diagram showing agreement among the OW1, OW3, and OB groups. *One adolescent belongs to the OW1 and obesity groups but not to the OW3 group (marked with the number sign. Another adolescent only belongs to the OW3 group but not to the OW1 and obesity groups. OW, overweight group; OB, obesity group. OW1 is a group with BMI > 85th percentile for age and sex, OW2 is a group with weight for height > 85th percentile, and OW3 is a group with weight > 120% of ideal for height. An obesity group is a group with BMI > 95th percentile for age and sex.
J Obes Metab Syndr 2021;30:289~295 https://doi.org/10.7570/jomes21008