Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



J Korean Soc Study Obes 2000; 9(2): 0

Published online July 1, 2000

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The Status of Physical Fitness Level, Body Composistion and the Effects of Exercise Training for Old Adults

Mi-ja Yim

Ewha Womans University, College of Human Movement and Performance


Bakground: The purpose of this study was to assess physical fitness and cardiovascular function of old adults, and to suggest proper level of physcial fitness for old adults.
Methods: We performed 3 different phase tests. Test 1 ; we analyzed body composition and blood pressure of 385 participants (250 females and 126 males). Test 2 ; the ECG test at rest and stress test were performed at 75%HR using bicycle ergometry and Aerocardina ML1200 (Fukuda Danshi Co. Japan). Blood pressure, heart rate, double product were measured. The maximal O2 intake(VO2max) was estimated on a basis of work rate and heart rate on 53 out of 385. Test 3 ; only sixteen out of 25 participants trained jazzercise for 60 min per day, 2 times per week for 8 weeks. We analyzed pre-and post-exercise training in terms of lipid profile, fasting glucose, insulin, HbA1c.
Results: The mean BMI of 126 males and 259 females were 23.6±3.29 and 24.95±3.39, respectively. Mean percentages of body fat of male and female were 25.25±4.95 and 33.97± 6.15, respectively. The waist hip ratio was 0.96. The mean VO2max increased from 24.26±7.76 ml/kg/min to 26.46±7.16 ml/kg/min. SBP significantly decreased from 155.34±20.22 mmHg to 136.75±19.76 mmHg. DBP significantly changed from 85.06±8.69 mmHg to 76.44±8.99 mmHg. Cardiovascular function improved significantly.
Conclusion: The subjects were normal in BMI, but deficient in soft lean mass. The percentage of body fat was high, and VO2max was low. Flexibility and balance decreased. The SBP was increased during exercise at 4∼5 METs. Therefore maintaing heart rate of 100∼120 beats/min level of exercise, such as stretching, resistance training, and walking delays the rate of aging, and therefore is desirable to increase VO2max.

Keywords: Body composition, VO2max, Oxygen consumption, Exercise training, Blood pressure, Old adults