Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



J Korean Soc Study Obes 2001; 10(2): 128-136

Published online June 1, 2001

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The Effects of Aerobics Training on Visceral Fat in Obese Middle-Aged Women

Sang Kab Park,Jae Hyun Park,Yoo Chan Kwon,Jong Kwan Yoon,Keun Seun No,Mi Sook Yoon1

College of Physical Education Dong-A University, Department of Internal Medicine, Dong-Eui Medical Center1, Busan, Korea


Background: The effect of exercise on abdominal visceral fat unclear. So the purpose of this
study was to investigate the changes of body composition, serum lipids after 24weeks aerobic
Methods: Subjects were composed of twelve obese women. The training program were
composed of 60∼70%HRmax (Intensity), 60 minutes per day (Duration), 6 frequencies per week
(Frequency). The items for abdominal fat area were measured subcutaneous fat area (SFA),
visceral fat area (VFA), VFA/SFA by CT (computed tomography). Paired t-test was used to
evaluate the difference of pre and post 24 weeks aerobic training. The 0.05 level of significance
was as critical level for the study.
Reasult: The results are summarized as follow;
1. V˙ O2max was significantly (p<.01) decreased in aerobics training.
2. %fat and MV˙ O2 (mmHg․beats) were significantly (p<.01) decreased in aerobics training.
3. T-C, TG, LDL-C were significantly (p<.01) decreased and HDL-C was significantly (p<.01)
increased in aerobics training.
4. SFA, VFA and VFA/SFA were significantly (p<.05, p<.01)) decreased in aerobics training
group respectively.
Conclusion: We demonstrated that subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, VFA/SFA were decreased in
aerobics training. Therefor 24 weeks aerobic training will effect for obese treatment.

Keywords: Aerobics training, Subcutaneous fat, Visceral Fat