Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



J Korean Soc Study Obes 2004; 13(3): 195-203

Published online March 1, 2004

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The Study of Daily Physical Activity in Old Women using Pedometer with Accelerometer

Mi-Ja Yim

College of Human Movement & Performance, Ewha Womans University


Background: The purpose of this investigation is the examination of physical activity pattern of the total energy expenditure. Energy expenditure is measured the physical activity of daily step counting in older Korean women.
Methods: Ninety-six of old women wear pedometers with accelerometer for ten days in order to determine the number of step and time spending in physical activity at light, moderate and vigorous intensity. Subjects are divided into three categories according to ages. Results: In contrast to the member of step, time spent in moderate intensity of physical activity is significantly decreased with increasing age.
Conclusion: Older individuals should be encouraged to improve daily physical activity in energy expenditure and the daily number of step in order to protect the decline of physical activity with aging. Consequently the result of this investigation suggests following: 1) Daily walking step counting (step/day) will be more than 10000 steps per a day. 2) Physical activity level will be more than 1.7 per a day. 3) Physical Energy expenditure will be more than 5 kcal/kg per a day. 4) Time spending in moderate of the intensity physical activity will be more than 30 minutes per a day.

Keywords: Old adult daily expenditure energy, Daily number of step, Physical activity levels

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