Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



J Korean Soc Study Obes 2004; 13(3): 211-219

Published online March 1, 2004

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Effects of Stretching and Aerobic Exercise on Body Composition in Middle-aged Women

Hong-In Kim,Seol-Hyang Kim1

Jung-gu Health Community Center, The University of Seoul1


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of stretching and aerobic exercise on body composition in middle-aged women after 12-week exercise training program. Thirty-six middle-aged women (55.3±3.2 years) with hypertension, diabetes, and obesity participated in this study. The exercise training program consisted of on a treadmill walking, cycle ergometer, and step climbing at intensity of 60 ∼65% Vo2max. Subjects trained for at 12 weeks, three times per week. The average training duration was 90 minutes (30 minutes of stretching & calisthenics+60 minutes of aerobic exercise). The main conclusion was drawn by as follows. 1. In all subjects, the average body weight decreased significantly (p<.05) from 60.6±5.4 to 58.4±5.2 after 3 months of stretching, calisthenics and aerobic exercise. 2. In circumference measurement, chest circumference reduced significantly (p<.05) from 90.7±6.7 to 89.5±6.3 cm, waist circumference 83.3±6.4 to 80.8±6.0 cm, and hip circumference 95.7±4.6 to 94.3±4.8 cm significantly (p<.05), respectively. 3. In skinfold thickness, Triceps decreased significantly (p<.05) 20.7±4.4 to 18.0±4.5 mm, suprailiac 20.6±6.3 to 18.0±5.5 cm, and thigh 23.5±6.0 to 20.6±6.1 mm significantly (p<.05), respectively. 4. In result of 40,'s, 50's, and 60's age level, 40's weight reduced 62.3±3.9 to 58.7±4.2 kg, 50's weight 60.9±7.5 to 59.5±6.7 kg and 60's weight 60.9±7.5 to 59.5±6.7 kg significantly, respectively. But there was no significantly difference between age's group. 5. In circumference measurement, 40's chest circumference reduced 90.7±6.7 to 89.5±6.3 cm, 50's chest circumference 90.6±5.2 to 90.0±4.4 cm, 60's chest circumference 90.3±9.3 to 89.3±9.3 cm significantly (p<.05), respectively. 40's waist circumference reduced 83.3±6.4 to 80.0±6.0 cm, 50's waist circumference 81.0±5.3 to 79.5±5.7 cm, 60's waist circumference 86.9±7.2 to 84.4±5.9 cm, significantly (p<.05), respectively. 40's hip circumference reduced 95.7±4.6 to 94.3±4.8 cm, 50's hip circumference 95.5±4.9 to 94.3±4.8 cm, 60's hip circumference 96.9±4.8 to 94.1±4.7 cm significantly (p<.05), respectively. there was no significantly difference between age's group. but waist circumference decreased significantly difference only between 40' and 60'. 6. In skinfold thickness measurement, 40's triceps skinfold thickness reduced 19.9±3.1 to 17.2±4.3 mm, 50's triceps skinfold thickness 21.2±5.1 to 19.3±4.7 mm, 60's triceps skinfold thickness 21.0±5.2 to 17.7±4.7 mm significantly (p<.05), respectively. 40's suprailiac skinfold thickness reduced 19.2±7.6 17.0±5.7 mm, 50's suprailiac skinfold thickness 20.5±6.5 to 18.2±6.0 mm, 60's suprailiac skinfold thickness 22.0±4.8 to 19.0±4.9 mm, significantly (p<.05), respectively. 40's thigh skinfold thickness reduced 22.7±5.1 to 20.0±45.6 mm, 50's thigh skinfold thickness 25.3±8.2 to 22.8±7.2 mm, 60's thigh skinfold thickness 22.2±4.8 to 19.1±5.2 mm significantly (p<.05), respectively. there was no significantly difference between age's group.

Keywords: Aerobic exercise, Body composition, Circumference, Skinfold thickness