Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



J Korean Soc Study Obes 1998; 7(2): 157-168

Published online June 30, 1998

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What is The Best Simple Anthropometric Indexes of Abdominal Visceral Fat in Obese Patients?

SM Kim, SS Kim, SJ Yoon, KW Shim, HJ Choi, KM Kim, DJ Lee

Department of Family Practice and Community Medicine , School of Medicine, Ajou University, Suwon, Korea


To determine the best simple anthrometric indexes(waist circumference, body mass index, waist/hip ratio) of abdominal visceral fat metabolic variables in obese patients, we have studied in 481 subjects patients(410 women and 71 men) of Ajou university hospital obesity clinic.
Results indicate that the waist circumference and body mass index are better correlates of abdominal visceral fat accumulation than the commonly used waist/hip ratio(WHR). The waist circumference also appeared more closely related to the metabolic variables than the WHR.
When the samples were divided into quartiles of waist circumference and WHR. It was noted that increasing value of waist circumference was more consistently associated with increases in lipid profiles than increasing values of WHR. These findings suggest that the waist circumference rather than the waist to hip ratio, should be used as index of abdominal visceral fat accumulation and metabolic variables. It is suggested from data that waist circumference value above approximately 78cm(30.7 inch) in women, 91.3cm(35.9 inch) in men, likely to be associated with potentially metabolic disorders.

Keywords: Waist circumference, Waist/hip ratio, Abdomen visceral fat, Metabolic variable