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Korean J Obes 2010; 19(3): 85-94

Published online September 1, 2010

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Effect of Ubiquitous Shoes on Weight Management for Elementary Students

Ok Kyeong Yu, Chung Soo Yoon(1), Tae Sun Park(2), Yang Keun Rhee(2), Youn Soo Cha*

Obesity Research Center, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition,Department of Physical Education(1), Department of Internal Medicine(2), Chonbuk National University


Background: By using the high-tech ubiquitous shoes,it is possible to measure objectively the quantity of exercising and collect conveniently a reliable data about the quantity of exercising in the elementary students, and to motivate the attention and interests of the students. This study had views on them and is the first research to use the high-tech ubiquitous shoes.
Methods: We examined the obese and over-weighted 43 students. T-test was used to compare the quantity of exercising of two experimental groups. Two-way ANOVA with Bonferroni method was used to analyze the changes of their body and blood among 4 groups (obese experimental, non-obese experimental, obese control, non-obese control). And after exercise, we used pairedt-test to compare the effect of exercise on the weight and blood for experimental two groups.
Results: By the results of anthropometric measurement,in weight, BMI, BFM and SMM except height, there were significant difference between obese students and non-obese students for both of all experimental and control groups. But for the height, although there were significant increases of the height in two experimental groups both, there were no significant increases in two control groups both. By the blood test results, HDL were significantly increased in the experimental obese group and in the experimental non-obese group both. In the experimental non-obese group, LDL and TC were significantly decreased.
Conclusion: The children that participated in this study could be caused the interests about physical exercises by themselves, and this study showed that it is important to have a life habit which think about the quantity of energy consumption and increase the quantity of exercising, and the motivation and interests of physical exercise is a good way to prevent and treat the obesity.

Keywords: Ubiquitous, Weight management program,Athletic shoes, MP4

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