Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



J Korean Soc Study Obes 2003; 12(4): 294-303

Published online December 1, 2003

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Effect of Variants of the β-3 Adrenergic Receptor and the Leptin Receptor Gene on Weight Loss -In Cases of Subjects with Orlistat for Weight Reduction-

Young-Sung Suh,Dae-Hyun Kim,In-Kyu Lee1,Keun-Mi Lee2,Young-Hoon Kim3

Department of Family Medicine, Keimyung University School of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolic disorders, Department of Internal Medicine, Keimyung University School of Medicine1, Department of Family Medicine, Yeungnam University College of Medicine2, Department of Family Medicine, Daegu Kwak's Hospital3


Background: From a lot of cross-sectional studies, the relationship between obesity and variants of obesity related gene is inconsistent. In addition, some longitudinal studies showed different results, too. Therefore, we investigated the response of anthropometric data to 12 weeks weight loss program in obese patients with Trp64Arg variants in the β-3 adrenergic receptor and Gln223Arg variants in the leptin receptor gene.
Method: 81 adult obese subjects with BMI >27 kg/m2 were included for this study. They were recruited for weight management from 3 hospitals in Daegu and had taken orlistat for 4 week at least. Anthropometric measurements were weight, height, waist and hip circumference. The genotypes for both genes of study subjects were determined by protocols.
Results: Subjects lost significantly more weight, waist circumference, and BMI than those of before study for 12 weeks (P<0.0001). Reductions in body weight, waist circumference, and BMI. There were not significantly different between Gln carriers and noncarriers of Gln223Arg variants in leptin receptor gene or Arg carriers and noncarriers of Trp64Arg variants in -3 adrenergic receptor gene (P>0.05). During the 12 weeks of treatment, 60.1% of patients in completer with Gln noncarriers of leptin receptor lost more than 5% of their initial body weight and, however, were not significantly different than 38.1% of those in completer with Gln carriers.
Conclusion: These results suggest that the presence of Gln223Arg variants in the leptin receptor and Trp64Arg variants in the -3 adrenergic receptor in subjects with orlistat may not be a hindrance or a help to reduce body weight.

Keywords: Leptin receptor gene, β-3 adrenergic receptor, Orlistat, Weight reduction