Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



J Korean Soc Study Obes 2001; 10(2): 165-179

Published online June 1, 2001

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Effects of Step by Step Diet Control Program in Obese Children

Jin Kyung Park,Hong Seok Ahn,Dong Hwan Lee1

Department of Food and Nutrition, Sungshin Women's University, Seoul, Korea
Department of Pediatrucs, College of Medicine, Soonchunhyang University, Seoul, Korea1


This study attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of nutrition counsel on diet control program
in obese children.
The results are summarized as follows.
1) The average age of the subjects in this study is 9.3 years old. Calculated by using the
average weight from each height, and the average obesity index was 52%.
2) The average calorie intake by subjects on everyday cases concluded as 2172.4kcal, which
is 114% of RDA. Most of nutrient intake is higher than RDA, however, the intake of vitamin
A and B6 are 72.6% and 76% of RDA. The case of mineral is that the average intake of iron,
calcium and zinc are 15.2mg, 563.8mg and 7.75mg, which make them lower than RDA.
3) The average density in serum, triglyceride, cholestrol, and HDL,LDL-cholestrol are; 202.1
mg/dL, 186.7 mg/dL, 42.6 mg/dL and 95.2 mg/dL. In addition, to analyze on state of liver
function; the density of examined serum GOT and GPT are 31.5 mg/dL and 33.3 mg/dL. The
subjects of this study have 30% of hyperlipidemia, and 46% of abnormal liver function, and more
than one cases of complication show on 31 children which make 51% of the subjects.
4) The results of the step by step diet control program are increase of height and decrease of
weight whereas the obesity index shows from 52.0% to 44.9%; which proves considerable
decrease comparing with before the application. The measurements of breast, triceps,
subcutaneous fat and body fat show significant decrease. Also within the serum; the cholestrol,
triglyceride, GOT and GPT, significantly decreased and the density of magnesium increased.

Keywords: Obese children, Step by step diet control program