Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome



J Korean Soc Study Obes 1997; 6(1): 75-84

Published online June 30, 1997

Copyright © Korean Society for the Study of Obesity.

A Study on Effects of Aloe added Diet Control Program S-28 on Obese Women

Hyeyang Lee

Department of Food Science and Technology, Chungkang Junior College of Cultural Industries


This study was to investigate whether the aloe added diet program S-28 could reduce weight effectively within a short period of 3 months. The participants in this diet program were 63 obese women aged from 10-40 years thought the country except Cheju Island. During first 2 weeks was provided 800Cal less diet a day and 1200Cal less diet a day after 2 weeks, since then, weight maintaining program followed. Exercise and nutrition program for nutrition knowledge, attitude and food habit were conducted during the entire test period. Results of 4 week test period were as follows: 1) There was a weight loss of 7.1%, 7.8% of baseline in each 20s and 30s. 2) BMI was significantly declined from 28.7 ± 2.9 to 26.2 ± 2.8(P < 0.01) in the 20s and from 27.8 ± 1.8 to 25.1 ± 1.4(P < 0.05) in the 30s. 3) Body fat% was significantly reduced from 33.5 ± 3.8% to 31.0 ± 4.0%(P <0.001) in 20s, from 34.7 ± 3.0% to 31.5 ± 2.9%(P < 0.001) in 30s. 4) Waist circumference dropped significantly 4.6%, 5.2%, of the baseline especially in 20s and 30s, but WHR did not change. Therefore, these data showed that the diet program S-28 could induce not only a weight loss but also a reduction of body fat within 4 week test period.

Keywords: Aloe, Diet, Weight loss, Body fat